reformatted mapping







As part of a university project, we were asked to create a mapping of companies that we were interested in to help us figure out where would we like to do our summer internship. Trying to get out of the conventional mapping representation I created this architecture style mixture map.

Each of the five buildings at the top represents a field of design that is of my interest. As most of the companies that I was interested in are multidisciplinary (i.e. interaction and product) the architectural styles of the buildings mix creating a new building that represents the company’s type of work. The building styles with the type of design were chosen according to what I felt each of them would look like.


This new type of mapping is appealing to the eye. It is not meant to show the information in a quick and clear way but rather engage the viewer into the "game" of spotting the mix of styles of the new building to find out more information about it.

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