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The Children’s Spy Agency physical product consist of a series experience packs which the kid uses to set up their spy profile and train various skills. The Children Spy Agency gives tools and knowledge to kids but above all it teaches them to always questions everything and think for themselves.

The CSA physical product provides the kid with entertaining [and secretly educational] content away from screens but eventually ties the journey with the CSA digital world.

My Role

The two products where created at different times during 2020 and beginning of 2021, and my involvement in both slightly varied.  

My main focus was on developing the activity booklets that were part of the packs. Taking the already defined content for each one, I would create wireframes adapting the content and proposing additional one wherever I considered it necessary to create a smooth and engaging narrative.

From early stages, I created user flows and journeys of the individual products as well as how they fitted in the overall Spy Agency journey. The same work was done but from the point of view of the customer and the parent of the kid receiving the product. This work helped inform different elements of the final product as well as elements on the Bright Little Labs website and shop, in which I was also in charge of developing.

The success of these products has definitely been thanks to the dedication and care of the entire team. I have been fortunate to be working with wonderful content creators, project managers and designers.


This is the beginning of the journey for the physical experience. In this pack, the kid gets to set up their spy profile (connecting with the CSA App), build their local spy unit as well as learn one of the agency's top agents, Asha who is on a mission to save the world.
My biggest challenge for this product, was to study the original concept and reassemble it to drastically reduce the number of SKUs to improve fulfilment time. This involved tweaking the narrative, reorganising content and proposing new concept to fit with the new narrative and connect the experience with the CSA app.
This pack includes:
  • CSA welcome letter
  • Agent Asha story book
  • CSA Identity card
  • CSA Map of the world
  • Spy stickers and gadget cards
  • Cards to recruit other kids to join the agent's spy unit
  • Agent handbook, where the kid sets up their initial spy profile and completes coding and STEM activities

The agent's journey

The package arrives through the door in a top secret envelope.
The agent sets up their profile and completes all the tasks inside the agent handbook.
The CSA letter introduces the new agent to the spy world and gives them first instructions they will have to follow.
Agents register the completion of the Handbook in the app and can continue their spy journey with other games and missions.
The package arrives through the door addressed to the agent.
The first thing they will be told to read is the personalised welcome letter
The kid completes all the tasks inside the agent handbook.
The kid registers on the app that they have completed their agent handbook and unlocks an achievement.

Spy STEM activity packs

Once kids has completed The Spy Pack, they can continue acquiring skills and gathering other fundamental knowledge with the new STEM activities created by the CSA. These activities are part of a series of training modules: Spy Identities, Spy Bases and Spy Communications.

My main focus for these packs were on the training booklets and how each pack connected back to the overall experience.
For the activity booklets, the creative associate, Kate Holden, had done a great job at setting the narrative and creating activities based on the UK coding curriculum. My task was to create detailed wireframes taking that content, adapting it and propose additional content if necessary to create an engaging and easy to follow experience.

User testing was key to understand if each of the booklets were fun, the activities were easy to follow and the design of the elements worked.
Each pack includes:
  • CSA introduction letter
  • Training module booklet
  • Additional CSA Kit
  • Spy stickers
  • Cards to recruit other kids to join the agent's spy unit


The physical products are one of the entry points to the CSA journey and it was important for the continuation of the kid's experience, to connect the products back to the main hub, the CSA app.

As a final task, the kid is asked to crack a secret code called Thunder Code inside the CSA world.

The Thunder Code is composed of 6 morse code keys which are scattered throughout the training manual.
The kid will look through the different pages searching for these hidden keys and translating the morse code to the English characters.
Once they have cracked the code, they will head to the CSA app, open the Thunder Code algorithm, introduce the code and if it was correct, they will unlock the app achievement.


My final task as part of the development of these products, was to design and build the website where they were going to be sold.

This was quite a big job, as the company was also going through a big rebranding moment. The website was to be built from scratch, using Webflow for the main site and Shopify for the shop.

At the beginning only the Agent Asha Book and the Spy Starter Pack were going to be published, but when designing it I had to think of future products being added to it.

Among my tasks were wireframing, user testing, user flows, check out flows, email flows, up-sell strategies and building the Webflow site.

You can get your spy pack or investigate further here.

People I worked closely with

Kate Holden - Creative associate
Lucy Burns - Lead visual designer
Yee Mun Thum - Head of commercial development
Naomi Boner - EA
Sophie Deen - CEO, author and creative director

Other Work